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Ákos Töttös

Featured Project

Hacona BI-type

Hacona BI-type high-performance industrial vacuum sealing machine is used for safe, large-scale packaging of foodstuffs, industrial materials, chemicals, and pharmaceutical ingredients. It can even be applied directly to packaging raw food industry materials.

The machine employs modified atmosphere packaging technology, providing the ideal environment within the film for the packaged material, achieved through vacuum and gas flushing.


Innovator of industrial impulse sealers and vacuum sealing machines:


Hacona team, and the creator of the machine casings’ design:

My Tasks

Comprehensive mechanical design: concept planning, development, dimensioning, simulations.


Previous works

Complete machine designs of these projects were made by me in cooperation with affected electrical engineers and mechanics according to my clients demands. If you’re interested in more details, please contact me, and let’s discuss them in person. (Pictures are illustrations due to data protection issues.)
  • designing several grippers on one robot head which can handle different types of electric units
  • forwarding electric units from one station to another
  • avoiding damage of the units and ensuring precise end position with the grippers
  • staying clear of all possible collisions
  • integrating affected electric and pneumatic units into the robot head
  • working out the energy chain of electric cables and pneumatic pipes
  • workpiece: cast aluminium housing of an electric motor
  • automation task: pre-drilling and tapping of several holes on the housing in a full-automated process (only changing the workpiece is made by operator)
  • working out type changing method with customised fixtures for every type of housings
  • ensuring possibility of tool change for machining holes with different diameters and thread sizes
  • moving machining unit on linear slides vertically
  • attaining feeding of workpiece with linear movement
  • rotating workpiece by 90 degrees
  • preventing units of the machine from flooding in case of using cooling fluid
  • ensuring diversion of cooling fluid and chip
  • ensuring fixed position of vehicle body elements and the ability of attaching to each other during automated welding process
  • designing fixing and centering units
  • avoiding possible collisions when body-element-assembler robots taking workpiece in and out
  • making the fixture suitable for different types of body elements
My specialization

Mechanical Design of automated manufacturing equipments

Getting acquainted with all the details of a special manufacturing task defined by the client, which need to be automated in a production process. Working out ideas of how a machine could execute the task and figuring out which is the best way for our case.
Mechanical design

Creating detailed 3D modell of the machine, which can “work” in the virtual world. Its mechanical modules are made of customised mechanical parts and the most suitable commercial parts. They’re also fitted to its pneumatic and electric parts, and all together can execute the defined task automated.

Making complete, ‘ready-to-manufacture’ documentation of customised mechanical parts. Defining commercial mechanical, pneumatic and electric parts properly and listing them. Creating detailed assembly drawings of the machine helping to build it and find its parts later easily.
Taking care of the budget. Designing customised parts so they can be manufactured as easy and as cost-effective as possible. Choosing the most suitable commercial parts and not the most expensive ones. Keeping an eye also on usability: not to make mechanics’ life too hard when they build or use the machine.

As a freelancer

It gives me much pleasure to accomplish more and more projects for my clients with success.
projects for

I’m using leading engineering design tools in my work.

I’m working in my own office on my own computer, using softwares with my own licences.
Solid Edge

My Experience

Mechanical Design
Working out mechanical solutions for automation tasks. Making complete design and documentation of manufacturing machines executing several kinds of automated processes like welding, drilling, threading, cleaning etc.
ARH Inc.
Creating production processes of automated robot cells assembling ID card readers and cameras. Designing and building complete machine modules from feeding and screwing to gripping etc.
Fully responsible for automated manufacturing machines in serial production of electronic parts. Developing equipments for highest performance. Specification of new machines and creating them with suppliers in Hungary and Germany.

Testimonials from my best clients


Please feel free to contact me! I’m usually available from 10:00-19:00 on weekdays.

+36 30 933 1930

My location: Budapest, Hungary

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